The Noise of Nature

As the world gains interest in online experiences, many events need to adjust. The Noise of Nature begins as a gala that raises awareness and money for the American Museum of Natural History and the Rainforest Alliance. The challenge in online events is holding attention and interest in the digital space. The Noise of Nature tackles this but turning it into a music festival, where popular artists are streamed throughout the night. This allows users to enjoy their own party in the safety of their own home. Through printed matter, the participants are able to learn more and gain the excitement of going to an event.
Scott Laserow
Visual Identity
I envisioned this project to feel both classic and contemporary, bringing in participants of all ages. Within the music lineup, there is a combination of older artists as well and younger ones. For the logo, an angular, modern typeface sits comfortable with a script embellishment, combining these two generations. Within the imagery, I pulled archival prints of flora and fauna to be the main focus.