Martivi Shot

In the midst of Coronavirus in 2020, designers and creatives alike searched for ways of using their skills to create unity in our communities. I focused on a sector of local communities that I have always found solace and inspiration in: the independent theatre. Martivi Shot is a solution to the problem of the inability to attend gatherings and the loss of revenue for smaller theatre businesses. It provides a simple service that allows the customer to purchase a movie to rent at home and a cocktail drink set to make it more interactive and festive.
Abby Guido

Graphis New Talent Annual Honorable Mention

Visual Identity

This concept builds off of the unique and fresh visual styles that the young generation champions. Using a dark grey as the basis for the branding, an illusion to the dimly lit theaters audience members missed is formed. The odd but energetic shapes, brings a nightlife aspect to this project: a movie isn’t complete without a good cocktail. 

The logo is based off of a simple martini, an image representing nightlife and curiosity. It is an icon that is recognizable to all. The olive of the martini sits in the rim, creating an eye shape, alluding to the fresh perspectives and importance of sight in Martivi Shot’s mission. Using Arpona Bold for a typeface that sits comfortably but has the same spunk and energy as the logo. 
The website is the access point for customers to order and understand Martivi Shot deeper. It is interactive and whimsical, with moving images and illustrations that keep customers engaged. The styling gears toward a younger audience, one that enjoys exploring the site as they form their order and view new movies. The ordering systems stay quite simple and straight forward, with minimal steps, a movie night can be quickly planned and ordered. 

Web Design and Development