Gibbon and Crane

Gibbon and Crane is a brand that focuses on storytelling, education, and exposure of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. Utilizing the platform of a website, the traditional ideas of TCM becomes visually modernized and accessible to younger audiences. The goal of Gibbon and Crane is to spread knowledge about the foundational concept of “qi” and allow users to explore different herbal remedies to common illnesses or health problems. I extended this further by creating a system that allows users to extend their interest and find local TCM practitioners in their area and further pursue their journey in holistic healing.
Abby Guido
Website Design
& Development
The goal of the website is to bring in user interest and hold a feeling of personal storytelling. While many digital platforms optimize for speed and push us to speed up our thinking, Gibbon and Crane moves users to slow down. Through the animations of text reveal and soft gradients, there is an aura of calm that is emphasized as each chapter unfolds. The design systems are built off of simple grids, to make readability effortless yet still engaging.
Visual Identity
Traditional Chinese Medicine brands are often associated with outdated or stereotypical Chinese visuals. For Gibbon and Crane, I wanted to challenge myself and push these concepts in a clean and visually exciting way. In order to avoid flattening and pulling culture away from the concept, I used elements and photographs from old medicine bottles to keep history alive in the branding. Additionally, I created a set of abstract illustrations that are directly inspired from the plants and herbs that are popular in TCM. I established a contemporary feeling through the use of a bright color palette and fluid yet fresh typography. The color palette pulls from classic Chinese medicine packaging, blending earthy tones with more saturated and unexpected colors.