artists of color collective


Artists of Color Collective is a community-based organization that uplifts and supports people of color who are practicing, artists, art historians, and creatives. Through a multitude of projects including publications, gallery exhibitions, and artist talks, we are able to build skills and experience in young artists of color to help them further their interests and joys. 

Hannah Pang
In late 2020, we decided to create a publication that would take place for an in-person gallery show that could not exist because of Coronavirus. Breaking Boundaries was born and features 11 artists who exhibited one piece of their choice that they felt exemplified an act of boundary breaking. 

For the art direction of this project, I wanted to let the work speak for itself. Keeping a minimal color palette and utilizing gradients to show depth, push the artists’ work into the foreground. Breaking Boundaries is all about the details, features of Instagram handles on the corners and delicate displays of birthplace and date streamed throughout the publication. 
Breaking Boundaries

In the wordmark, I focused on an intertwining and strong image. Rather than creating an edge ( and breaking it) I wanted to display the in-between. Two B’s communicate with one another, acting in an connection but still independent of one another. These are representations of the relationship between culture/self, art/artist, and home/foreign. These themes are seen in all the work displayed Breaking Boundaries.
This multimedia exhibition was curated by AoCC and includes work by 10 of the collective members. “We focus on blurring the lines between the technological and the organic and how this duality impacts our consciousness. As a collective, we hope that this visual experience will urge viewers to consider their own digital entanglements on and offline.”
Digital Entanglements